• Lucy Meets a Logger

    This book was recommended to me by another logger’s wife at our state logger appreciation dinner, and I ordered it the next day! Lucy Meets a Logger by Stephanie Fuller is an adorable book and the illustrations are equally as awesome. My kids especially loved the skidder, log truck, loader and fellerbuncher art in the back of the book. Educating future generations about logging, what trees do for us and advocating about the industry is so important. I highly recommend purchasing and donating a copy to your local library and/or elementary school. Let us know if you there are any other logging related books for kids you would recommend!

  • National Logger’s Day

    Thanks to the hard work of the American Loggers Council a bipartisan resolution has been introduced to recognize October 12th as National Loggers Day! This resolution honors the American Logger for their role in building America; producing products for Americans from the renewable timber harvested; creating jobs; and forest management which results in healthy forests that provide recreational opportunities, animal habitat, clean water, carbon sequestration and reduction of wildfires. So loggers, on October 12th, take a moment to proudly reflect on what you do, on what your fathers and grandfathers did, and how it contributes to building America every day. Without loggers, America would not be the great country it…

  • Living. Loving. Logging.

    Living. Loving. Logging. That’s our world. As most of you know my husband and his Dad are owner/operators of their own logging co. It’s just the two of them. And our son, almost 10, is their shadow. There’s nothing quite like the sound and sight of the log truck coming up the lane at the end of the day. Peeking out to see them working on the skidder, welding a trailer. (You have to look close to tell who is who from a distance.) Impromptu lunches and trips to town to pick up a part. Spending Friday afternoons together doing checks and paperwork. Laughing at the guys spending too much…

  • Books for her — because loggers make better lovers ;)

    Warm up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa and a sexy romance featuring some manly lumberjacks this holiday season. The saw bears series by T.S. Joyce in particular has a huge following, with 7 novels “filled with big, burly, growly, flirty lumberjacks”. Know of any others? Would love to hear your favorites!

  • Prayer of a Logger’s Wife

    In late 2009, early 2010 I wrote a poem called “Prayer of a Logger’s Wife”. The poem was written from my heart and I know there are many logger’s wives out there that can relate to every word. Especially after my father-in-law’s logging accident, I hold this poem near and dear and my ultimate goal is to use the poem in a way that will support the logging industry and logging families. The poem is a protected work with the US Copyright office, Registration record TX0008699004. The poem may not be used for personal financial gain. If you have a product or event in mind that would support the logging…