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In today’s age of “go green”, the logger is all to often criticized or looked down upon, when in reality a little education about the industry would take others far in understanding that without logging our forests would become overgrown and suffer, our industries reliant upon wood would die… in short because of the process of select cutting, there is more timber (a renewable resource) to grow and flourish for future generations.

Our husbands, brothers, fathers and sons do one of the most dangerous jobs there is. We pray for them early each morning when they leave and thank God each evening when they return. So yes, we have a right to say I’m Proud of My Logger. Feel the same way? Join our facebook group, browse our merchandise and t-shirts, which we hope you’ll love and wear proudly and become part of our online community of logging families supporting the industry and one another.

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God Bless Our Loggers.