Adorable book for your little logger!

My little guy loves tractors, trucks, but most of all skidders! We were both delighted to come across a little book in this three-part collection called “A Tale of Three Tractors” that tells the story of an “orange tractor” named Allis and her logger. It has some great illustrations of the grapple and logs, and the other two books included “Big Cat the Proud” and “Jimmy the Beet Truck” are really cute too!

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  • Jade

    ‘The House That Mack Built’ is a pop-up book my son has about building a house from start to finish. It starts with the feller and skidder clearing space for the house… ‘This is the skidd…er whose claw so large hauled the trees to a waiting barge after the feller had cut the trees to make space for the house that Mack built.’ The pop-up on the skidder page makes the grapple arm on the skidder move and pick up a log. Really cute.

    Find it here: House That Mack Built

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