Living. Loving. Logging.

Living. Loving. Logging. That’s our world. As most of you know my husband and his Dad are owner/operators of their own logging co. It’s just the two of them. And our son, almost 10, is their shadow.

There’s nothing quite like the sound and sight of the log truck coming up the lane at the end of the day. Peeking out to see them working on the skidder, welding a trailer. (You have to look close to tell who is who from a distance.) Impromptu lunches and trips to town to pick up a part. Spending Friday afternoons together doing checks and paperwork. Laughing at the guys spending too much time browsing online and dreaming of new equipment. Weekends cutting firewood. Even the endless bits of sawdust that seem to get into everything. It’s who we are. And we were blessed. So blessed.

So what do you do when one of them doesn’t come home from the woods.
How do you continue doing what you’ve always done.
But how do you not.

I don’t know what our world looks like without him.
So from my logging family to yours, please say a little prayer for us that we find our way.

Until we meet again, Pop. <3

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