Lumberjack Halloween Costumes

Yes, lumberjack costumes are very sterotypical… but I can’t help but love them. And they are super easy to DIY… grab a plaid shirt, suspenders and a beard and you’re all set! A few years ago my hubby and I went to a halloween party as “Paul Bunyan” and me as Babe the Blue Ox…

My super crafty Mom over at crocheted the hat. A blue dress, blue tights and a cowbell from Tractor Supply I spray-painted completed the costume.  It would make a fun siblings costume too!

Another idea (admittedly a bit more difficult) is to go as the equipment instead of the logger! My son was 3 when he decided he just had to be an excavator. My husband was recovering from his fall at the time so had both his arms in casts and it was up to me to create this thing (with his oversight). We just pulled it out of the attic a few weeks ago and were reminiscing… I am still super proud of this thing. lol!

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