• Loggers Make Better Lovers!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are a few of our favorite items we think are sure to bring a smile to your logger’s face 😉 #3 is one of our very first designs, and probably our favorite! Logger’s Make Better Lovers. 1 – Just Wanted You to Know… Greeting Card 2- Your Skidder’s Sexy White Tank 3- Logger’s Make Better Lovers Tees 4-I Think His Chainsaw’s Sexy Thong 5- Love My Log Truck Driver 6- Log Truck Boy Shorts 7- I Love My Feller Hoodie 8- I Love My Logger Red Cap Sleeve Tee 9- Love My Logger Plaid Heart Tee

  • The Logger’s Wife Cookbook and 2012 Calendar!

    Our Logging cookbook and the 2012 Calendar are now available in our shop! Thank you to all the logger’s wives across the country who submitted your families favorite dishes. There are so many yummy recipes, from Oven-Fried Chicken with Honey Mustard-Vidalia Dipping Sauce, Jalapeno Cheese Grits and Sweet Cornbread, to Chocolate-Porter Beer Cake, Cream Cheese Squares and Apple Crumb Pie (over 50 recipes total)! This year’s calendar features 13 selected pictures of hardworking loggers, huge timber and a few trucks. Thanks again to all the logging families who made these projects possible.

  • Excavators!

    For halloween this year our two year old decided he wanted to be an excavator.  Absolutely obsessed with the idea.  He sleeps and breathes skidders and excavators.  With a husband with both arms in casts I had my work cut out for me!  We were able to get the overall shapes designed and I cut the pieces from foam board, using black yarn and pre-drilling holes to piece it all together.  And of course the bucket really goes up and down; apparently a very important requirement… the 1st version didn’t 😀  I’m inclined to think this is one of the only projects that requires needle & thread and a power tool!

  • Logging birthday party!

    We’ve had a number of logging momma’s ask us for birthday party ideas, so we thought we’d compile some of our favorite ideas in an inspiration board. Check out the info below for details and links. 1 – Absolutely adorable birthday cake idea (From Cakes by Christy). 2 – This cake would be an easy DIY option using a sheetcake with chocolate icing and little toy skidders and pretzel sticks for the logs.3 & 4 – Our new vintage Logger design can be personalized with the birthday boy’s name and our blue “Birthday Boy” skidder tee is available in a pink version too for the logger’s daughter! 5 – These…