The Annual Logger’s Wife Cookbook

Our 2013 Logging cookbook is available in our shop! Thank you to all the logger’s wives across the country who submitted your families favorite dishes. There are so many yummy recipes, from Bacon and Egg Burgers and Roasts, to German Chocolate Cake (over 50 recipes total)!

We are currently compiling our 2014 “The Logger’s Wife Cookbook” in preparation to have it published for the Holiday Season. When submitting your recipe, keep the following in mind:

  • Every recipe that is chosen will be attributed to the submitter, along with a little about you, your logging family, life as a logger’s wife, etc (providing additional info is submitted to us). If you own a blog, website or business, we’ll promote that alongside your recipe as well.
  • Feel free to submit as many recipes as you like!
  • A chance to win: Everyone who submits a recipe will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of the published cookbook.  Use the submission form below, or email your recipe to  Thank you!

Submit Your Logging Family’s Favorite Recipe Today (submissions for 2013/2014 cookbook)!

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