Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Giveaway is now closed!  Congrats to Amanda!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Comment below and tell us how you and your logger met, how you “fell” for him — pun intended! 😉 — or maybe just somethin’ sweet about him — and we’ll pick a winner (completely at random) to receive a set of logging truck valentine’s as previously featured from Sunnyside Print & Party!  Giveaway closes midnight on January 28th.

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  • Amanda Beckner

    My logger and I met in highschool. He was a sophomore and I was a freshman. Two years later, he asked me on our first date. That was in 1997. He went into the woods after graduation and I went off to college, but on my college breaks I would go to work with him. He was running a 527 Cat at the time and I would get to skid logs with him and I had a blast. We married in 2002, welcomed a son in 2005 and he moved onto driving a logging truck for a smaller company. We welcomed another son on his 28th birthday in 2008 and the boys go with him more than I get to! We recently purchased our own logging truck and started our own business last Spring. I try to go as much as I can, but I work a full time job on top of taking care of the books for the business. But I rotate in my turns with the kids! He is my best friend and I love him so much. We’ve been married for 10 years and together for 15 wonderful years. Loggers are the best.

  • Kristen Helton

    My logger picked me up for our first date, we were supossed to drive up to Virginia to drop a horse trailer, and instead of bringing me back home that night we ended up spending the weekend together camping, hiking and riding horses. At the end of the weekend he decided to take me back home with him instead of taking me home. We were married 2 weeks later, and we have been married for 5 1/2 wonderful years.

  • Amanda

    Charles and I met 7 1/2 years ago through mutual friends, we spent a few days playing in the mud and bonfires together with friends until one day it just “clicked” that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, now years later and many bumps in the road, we have two gorgeous children and have moved half way across the United States to continue our lives with each other. One of my favorite memories of the first months we were together was getting up to cook him breakfast and make his lunch before he headed out for work and him continuing to be completely shocked that “women still do these things” I still enjoy that hour in the kitchen with him in the morning, while the kids are still asleep, when he is grumpy and mumbling, and it’s just us, that hour of the day is still my favorite time with my logger!

  • Amanda Farr

    God brought my logger to me…He was a MT logger then God moved him to Utah. He would come in to the cafe I worked at. I could hardly wait until he would come in…I would get butterflies in my tummy every time he would walk in the door. After we started dating we would go up on the job and I would watch and take pictures of him working. Thenwe would haul a load back to the mill. Most people would not consider that a very fun date, but I loved it! we have been married now for 10 years, and have three kids. My youngest used to say she was going to be a logger but then during spring break up she was going to be a super model. 🙂

  • Jennifer Miller

    I met my husband/logger Sam at the local watering hole one night. We crossed paths because I’d played some 80’s rock on the jukebox and he loved the songs I’d picked so we started talking. He was with his best friend and me with mine so we all left because that night House of Hair happened to be on the radio lol. We went to Sam’s boss’ shop where they kept and maintained the log trucks and hung out all night talking and just getting to know each other. We parted and I tried for two weeks to get Sam out of my head for various reasons too long to mention…but I just couldn’t. So I contacted his best friend and asked him and Sam to meet me and my friend back at the watering hole that night and it turns out Sam couldn’t get me out of his mind either. That was on February 19, 2006. We have been together ever since. Sam started taking me on his trucking loads the next day and I went with him every chance I got. One day, about 2 months later, I was waiting for Sam to get loaded and he was outside marking the logs with the Forestry service’s numbers…so I got curious and started snooping around his console and found his old wedding ring (he’d been married before but never wore his ring because a log had come down and smashed his hand and he almost lost a finger because of the ring which had be flattened). I asked him about it and he told me the story behind it. All of a sudden, our song “Bring it on Home” by Little Big Town came on the radio and Sam got tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat and started telling me that when he parted from his ex he swore he’d never marry again, but then he took my hands in his, looked me in the eye, and said “ya wanna?” and at first I wasn’t sure what he was asking me….then it clicked and I asked him “are you proposing to me?” and again he smiled and said how much he loved me and “ya wanna?” I accepted his proposal right there in the cab of his Kenworth log truck. We were engaged for 4 years and on June 4, 2010 we were married and his best friend was the best man. To this day we celebrate both the night we got together (Feb 19) AND our wedding anniversary (June 4) every year…and he always brings me the same gift; a gorgeous, heartfelt card and a dozen fabulous peach long stemmed roses. I LOVE MY LOG TRUCK DRIVER!!! 143 SAMUEL A MILLER JR!!

  • tracy singley

    Patrick and I met at a woods fire . We are both VF and were on different departments that were called to the fire . It was love at first sight . We had mutual friends that desided to intraduse us about 3 weeks later. We talked and both said that we didn’t want anything serious but then 6 months later we were married. It was the best wedding ever because he had to have his camo and boots on in the wedding so all of the guys wore camo shirts blue jeans and boots . I love my logger with all my heart and in the short time we have been married he has taught me a lot and showed me how a woman should be loved . I also would like to wish him a happy 3 year anniversary on Feb 3 .

  • Kelly Hughes

    I met my logger in high school when he was just cutting firewood for his dad, we fell in love at 16 years old and ended up getting married 2 years later and moving from New York to West Virginia with our 2 boys, about a year later my husband Adam started his first logging job, he started out as a dozer operator and now 11 years later he is a contracted Timber Cutter with his own business!! He loves logging with all his heart, as he does me, and our 4 children, Addison, Aaron, Hayley and Alden. We’ve been together 16 years now and i love that man with all my heart, as i know he loves me with all his… he does sweet little things like once he brought me home a heart shaped piece of a tree that he had cut that day. 2 of our boys have already decided to follow in his footsteps as a PROUD logger. I hope they do, theres no better man they could grow up to be like . I am so proud to be a wife of a logger, that man makes me so proud every day, hes the sweetest, most hard working man i know!! #PROUDWIFEOFALOGGER!

  • kristy gould

    I met My logger threw family freinds.When we were 14 his family bought some logging equitment my family was forced to sell due to my uncle dying of cancer. Once I seen him I knew I would Marry him some day.6 years later we met up again at a party and here we are 15 years later married and going strong.. I love my hard working logger

  • Joni Collins

    I was with my husband for two years we broke up and seven years later we got back together he never married and told i would only marry one personnaming me even to girls.he would date.and after the seven years we ran into each other agsinand he tried for months to get me it on a date i finally gave in. that’s been 7 years ago and we have been married 5 on Jan 1

  • Lisa A Savitts

    My logger Luke loves to take the kids & I on a ride thru the mountain to show us the tract of timber that all of his firewood sales from that tract went to purchasing my diamond ring. His grandfather had also logged the same tract many years before.

  • Susan Morrison

    Dave and I met because he and one of my older brother’s were best friends. My brother also worked with Dave and his brothers. It all started innocently, he would deliver a load of wood and I would take our Siberian Husky for a walk, do homework on the front steps(about the time they would be getting home). Even though I was only an upcoming Junior in High School and he had been out of school for 9 years, it was love at first sight. That August, he called and wanted to know if I wanted to go to the State Fair to see Alabama, I said I’d have to ask my parents and they said Yes! They were not to keen on the idea of our age difference, but they knew him and knew he would treat me right. After we got to talking our birthdays are 10 years and 5 days apart! So it seems like destiny that we started dating. We will celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary in July and will have been together 23 years in August. I always was an outdoor person and love going to work with him. We could be mechanicing, mulching, skidding etc. but wealways have fun and get along great. People have made comments about how well we work together, it’s like we know what the other one is thinking. One of my favorite memories is being picked up from afterschool FFA practice in a log truck!! If I rode the activity bus, he would have a Coke, fries and a coldcut Sub in the truck for my supper. We have two kids , our 13 yr old son is following in Daddy’s footsteps of being a logger and our 11 yr old daughter loves her daddy to the moon and back. She is not as big of an outdoor person but she loves to go with her daddy.

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