Logging birthday party!

We’ve had a number of logging momma’s ask us for birthday party ideas, so we thought we’d compile some of our favorite ideas in an inspiration board. Check out the info below for details and links.

1 – Absolutely adorable birthday cake idea (From Cakes by Christy).

2 – This cake would be an easy DIY option using a sheetcake with chocolate icing and little toy skidders and pretzel sticks for the logs.3 & 4 – Our new vintage Logger design can be personalized with the birthday boy’s name and our blue “Birthday Boy” skidder tee is available in a pink version too for the logger’s daughter!

5 – These peanut butter pinwheel candies kind of look like tree stumps don’t they? Continue the theme with cinnamon rolls or sliced deli wraps.
6 – We are in love with these woodgrain cupcake wrappers found on Etsy.
7 – These twig colored pencils would make an awesome party favor!
8 – Our birthday tees are available in blue, yellow and pink versions for ages 1-10!
9 – Serve root beer floats in mason jars with cute rustic tags and stripey straws.
10 – Log truck toys for the birthday boy (or girl… or Dad!)
12 – Logging themed birthday invites from Sunnyside Print & Party.
13 – These chocolate favor pops nestled in a bed of moss is so cute! (sorry, picture source unknown)
14 –  Here’s a freebie for your party from us at TheLoggersWife… water bottle labels!  Custom labels are always a hit at our get-togethers.   Just print this JPG (fit to page) on a sheet of regular paper and cut them out following the light gray guidelines.  Remove labels from your standard water bottles (the nestle pure life brand works well and removes easily!) then wrap the labels around the bottles and attach with a tiny piece of regular tape.  Ta-da!
15 – How adorable is this little camping setup?  Little log stumps for seats and a low table covered in burlap. Add a few outdoor lanterns and we think its a setting that everyone will love.

So that’s how we’re envisioning our little logger’s next birthday party! If you have ideas or pics of your logging themed party, we’d love to see ’em! Next up… a woodland wedding.


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